Speed, Quality and Convenience

Also known as an Express Exterior Tunnelthese automated car washes provide you with the potential for a quick return on your investment. Your customers will receive a high quality exterior wash in a shorter period of time with minimal labour. We can design a complete car wash tunnel system to meet your unique business requirements with the highest quality car wash- even at peak times.


 The swifter speed of the car wash from the Express Exterior Tunnel equipment cuts customer waiting times (and frustration) and they will be delighted with their sparkling clean car.

You can explore the sample site and equipment layouts now, or you can contact us to create your customised dream car wash site.


We have car wash conveyors covered, we have STI FlowLine Belt conveyors, surface conveyors and Over Under Conveyors. They are easy to maintain and deliver unparalleled safety and reliability.

High Pressure

With turbo blasters, omni high pressure and much more, we have the high pressure equipment for you. We can help you eliminate the prepping time and to clean the hard to reach areas. 

Chemical applicators

Our chemical applicators will deliver a precise and even spread of chemical to ensure a consistent wash every time. You have so many different options ranging from the Banana Foamers to the Foaminator MAXX.

Friction Wash

Our friction equipment can wash vehicles safely and effectively that is compact and affordable. Removing mud, grime, bug and cleaning tyres has never been so easy.

Rinse Equipment

Rinse, Foam and Wax the vehicle to increase our customers satisfaction and earn extra revenue.

Drying Systems

We have a wide range of car wash drying systems like the buff n dry and the pivoting mammoth air drying system will deliver a completely dry and shiny car every time.

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