We facilitate a site analysis along with layout and equipment selection

We can help you select the best car wash equipment solution for your site, and advise on time frames, delivery and a strategy for installation. If you have an awkward site position or small land size, don’t worry. We can customise a tunnel car washes to suit your site.

Site Analysis

Site selection is the most important decision you can make that will impact the success or failure of your car wash project. We can use our experience and knowledge with the help of Sonny’s to prepare a site analysis to help with your decision making. We use a number of factors to determine the sites potential for a successful car wash. The site will be analysed for traffic flow, tunnel dimensions, utilities, equipment room and space to install vacuums.

Site Layout and Equipment Selection

Once you have a better understanding of the site’s potential, the next step is to select the layout for your land size. We will work with you and your architects to maximise your site for a steady and continuous stream of customers. We will help you select the ultimate car wash equipment, which will effectively meet the projected volume and will most importantly provide your customers with an exceptional finish. Our equipment is designed to produce clean, dry and shiny cars every time. We can design a unique car wash especially for you and your customers.  See sample site and equipment layouts. 

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