Marketing, its about the entire experience

There is more to a successful car wash then state of the art equipment, you need to capture and retain you share of customers onsite and online. How can we increase your business? Car washing is no longer just a car wash, it is an EXPERIENCE! Make your wash the talk of the town with us and add lights, foam and much more.


Carwash Solutions Australia can help you with effective marketing and we will support you with practical advise. We can design your logo, website, menu designs and signage. We can help you take your concept and incorporate it throughout your wash.

Logo Design

Effective, effortless, professionally-crafted car wash logos by experts with dozens of year of experience in the industry. 

Menu Design

Raise your average ticket with an engaging car wash menu designs that will compel customers to purchase your top package(s).


Engage and guide customers throughout your property with custom car wash signage that's durable and affordable.


We can integrated e-commerce options to extends your ability to sell from the Point of Sales directly to your website. Help customers buy more from you more often. 

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