10 Reasons to choose us

Reason one

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

Carwash Solutions have been the experts in the car wash industry for decades, specialising in Tunnels. With our hands-on experience in installation, servicing and maintaining car wash equipment and our in-depth knowledge of all your equipment and chemistry needs, Carwash Solutions is the best source of information and support for your new or existing car washes.

Reason two

World Class Installation & Service

Our staff has been in the industry for decades with the backing of the world leaders in the car wash industry. We have been specifically trained and certified to handle any car wash equipment so during construction you can trust that your equipment will be in the best hands.

Reason three

Support from the #1 Car Wash Equipment supplier in

Carwash Solutions Australia is the only authorised select service organisation for ‘Sonny’s The Car Wash Factory’ in Australia and New Zealand. Sonny's has been washing cars for over 60 years and has more than 850 years of retail car wash operations experience in their network. We use this knowledge and unique experience to drive your car wash business forward.

Sonny's sells more tunnel equipment than anyone in the world with a product proudly designed, built, and backed in the USA. They are TRUE MANUFACTURERS, not just an assembly house, this allows us/them to be instantly market responsive with new product innovations, better equipment quality, and faster delivery.

Reason four

Long term relationship with every customer

We will be there for you every step of the way. Carwash Solutions loves car washing, we understand the journey and love to share our passion with every customer. After the installation we offer you and your team, phone support, car wash college courses and maintenance programs to ensure your wash is running at 100% all the time.

Reason five

Straight forward design and site layouts

We have access to a CAD team that has designed more car washes than anyone in the world. For site design, building design, support systems design, equipment design: Come to us. We are the car wash experts, and will work with you to plan the best functioning car wash in your area. Your customers will love the ease and flow of your wash.

Reason six

Trade Qualified Team

With our knowledge and experience in electrical and plumbing, we can help you and your construction team with the site specific specifications. This will ensure your Architect can work on design rather than spending valuable time researching car wash systems.

Reason seven

Hands on site training for staff

A successful car wash is not only about the equipment, chemical or design, it is also about the operations. We can offer you and your staff training to ensure they are providing your customers with excellent customer service, generating a clean and dry car, and maximising the ticket. We offer you a site-specific preventive maintenance program, from a daily routine to yearly. You also have access to vast variety of car wash college courses, ask us for more information.

Reason eight

Leading Chemical Supplier

We are the authorised distributor for Diamond Shine, one of the leading suppliers of superior car wash products and chemicals in the USA. They are innovators in chemistry with the new Bullseye concentrated chemistry range making life simple. You are provided with a safe and easy way to manage dilution ratio that provides your customers with consistent application performance and helps you calculate cost per car and is easy to maintain. Diamond Shine also offer you a storage solution with the Bullseye concentrated range which has been induction sealed for operator safety.

Reason nine

Full access to Sonny’s Car Wash College

Through Sonny’s The Car Wash Factory, we can offer you a range of different courses at Car Wash College. You’ll discover comprehensive hands-on training to plan, manage, maintain and grow your new or existing site. Car Wash College has a team of experts that will train and advise you on how to get the best out of every car wash. They are now running courses on the East and West Coast of the USA. These classes are an exciting way to learn about all things car wash related!

Reason ten

We help you win every customer with marketing

Carwash Solutions Australia along with Mr Foamer can help you with effective marketing and support you with practical advice. We can help you take your concept and incorporate it throughout your wash. We can help with logo design, web design, menu design and signage.

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