Reclaim System


Innovations in water saving and reclaim systems have made the car wash industry a much greener place than it was ten years ago.  It’s now possible to reduce your water consumption, starting from the point where it leaves the town system and enters your property. Extra water and energy saving equipment can be installed to save water throughout your car wash, with no adverse impact on the quality of the wash.


Start with a water pressure management system

A water pressure management system controls output from the water supply to ensure a constant water pressure, removing the peaks and troughs of variable water usage. When you are able to keep your usage levels steady you can keep your wash quality consistent, reducing electricity and water costs!

A quick lesson on reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the method used to remove mineral content from town water. In this process multiple membranes are used to remove the impurities that create ‘spotting’ on cars during a wash.

Concentrate Saver Systems

We can install a concentrate saver system to reuse concentrate discharge (the water used in RO). It’s commonly known as the ‘second best water’ at a car wash and has traditionally been sent straight to the drainage system. This saver system keeps the water, repressurises it and mixes it with detergents to be used again.

Plus a reclaim system for grey water

When you have an on demand reclaim system, you can automatically clean and remove odour from grey water, allowing its reuse in the washing process. This reuse makes your operation much more efficient, saving you money long term. The potential for cost and environmental savings using these additions to traditional car wash equipment makes them well worth further investigation.

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