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Who wants to make money in the rain

June 2019,

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Are you taking advantage of monthly recurring plans? With Sonny’s CarWash Controls, you can easily activate monthly recurring accounts right from your POS and start making money in your sleep or even during a rain storm.

Is it right for your wash? I can’t see a reason why it’s not!

Inc. Magazine calls the subscription business ‘pure genius’- “It’s the perfect business model because it provides the greatest value to both the entrepreneur and the customer.”-John Warrillow

A great example is Amazon Prime…it’s one of the best-known subscription services, with as many as 40 million subscribers. Prime offers members free two-day shipping, streaming movies, music and more. Of course none of its “free”, but I would say it’s certainly creates enough excitement to make you feel like you’re getting a killer deal. The great part is you are getting a killer deal, because you are paying $100 annually for the service.

You might be thinking, Regi, what does this have to do with my wash?

Which brings me into my next thought…how about we look beyond Prime, which is an obvious fit for a recurring plan. What if we talk about something a lot less obvious, like shaving kits and shaving products?

Dollar Shave Club has crushed it! A lot of guys want and need to shave their facial hair. For only a few bucks a month, they can get razors and shaving necessities delivered right to their doorsteps.

And come on…when has shaving ever looked this cool?

Watch Now: Dollar Shave Club Ad

Now that we know it can be adopted into almost any industry, let’s get back to how this works for you.

Our monthly recurring plans keep the controls in your hands.

In your management dashboard, you can limit recurring plans to any number of washes per month and per day. So if you have your typical unlimited plan, to ensure it’s being used properly (not excessively and making you money), you can include limitations in it to no more than 1 wash per day and 4-5 washes per month. Also, you can set up/generate a recurring wash package report to track usage.

It might take a month to refine your costs but to get you started, simply calculate your cost per wash, revenue per wash and multiply the difference by 5. That should at least get you moving in the right direction.

Family packs are a great option as well. A family can purchase a set amount of washes per month to be spread across multiple cards.

Don’t forget about recurring corporate accounts, by targeting any local business with multiple vehicles and setting up an account just like a family plan or a typical recurring plan, you now have additional monthly revenue.

In spite of its challenges, recurring accounts is an industry game changer! If you don’t incorporate a subscription component into your business, then you’ll have to compete with the wash down the street that does.


About the author
Regi Flanagan - Managing Director of SONNY'S CarWash Controls
Joining the company in 2015, Regi Flanagan serves as the VP of SONNY’S technology division, CarWash Controls. He is responsible for leading product design, managing & implementing software development best practices, ensuring top of the line customer service, sales and onsite installation. He is a technology and operations executive with over 12 years of experience leading end-to-end technology solutions, growing existing companies, along with building tech startups.
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