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Use The Best Car Wash Cleaning Products

Carwash Solutions offers you an enormous range of car wash products and consumables so that you can offer superior service to your customers. We proudly offer green alternatives for both car wash machinery and car wash chemicals.

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The Ideal Car Wash Solution For Smaller Sites

In Bay roll over car washes are a great fit for small sites and if you have a bit more space, you can install several roll overs side by side. There are two types of roll overs you can consider for your car wash, friction based roll overs that use brushes or touchfree that use carefully directed streams of water.

Friction Based Roll Over Equipment

Friction based roll over bays give your customers a fast and effective clean. The new soft touch brushes are gentle on paint jobs and innovations in chemicals mean that each wash is more efficient, providing a better car wash and costing you less. There is no damage to your customers paint work or loss of efficiency.

Touchfree Roll Over Equipment

The touchfree roll over systems offer a gentler clean, avoiding any damage to their car paint with the use of carefully directed streams of water.

So which do you choose?

Your customer demographic and careful analysis will help you decide which roll over equipment is right for your site and if you’d like some advice, Carwash Solutions can help.

It’s vital to consider ease of maintenance, reliability and ease of obtaining spare parts when required. Carwash Solutions provide you with regular maintenance to help prevent breakdown, and we carry a range of parts to repair your system.

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