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Use The Best Car Wash Cleaning Products

Carwash Solutions offers you an enormous range of car wash products and consumables so that you can offer superior service to your customers. We proudly offer green alternatives for both car wash machinery and car wash chemicals.

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The Best Hand Wash Equipment For The Best Hand Wash

Whether you’re running a full service car wash with a waiting option for customers, a self serve car wash, or a combination of both, Carwash Solutions gives you access to a wide range of hand wash equipment. Our hand wash equipment is designed to enhance the look of every car and improve the experience of every person using it, and that means happy customers and happy staff.

Carwash Solutions have manufactured hand wash equipment used in hand car washes in some of Australia’s largest shopping centers and is a respected manufacturer and supplier of hand wash equipment. In fact, over the years we’ve created the ideal hand car wash design and operation and we’re more than happy to share it with you!

Some of the hand wash equipment Carwash Solutions offers you include:

  • Hoses and nozzles – all sizes and strengths
  • Signage to assist your customers in their optimal clean
  • Cleaning products – green or otherwise
  • Brushes and sponges – for the best result
  • Polishes, waxes and their applicators – for long term
  • Tyre care products – for some extra

There’s so much more! Contact Carwash Solutions for a quote or expert advice.