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World Leading Car Wash Equipment

Carwash Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Sonny's The Car Wash Factory, across Australia and New Zealand, giving you access to the complete equipment range from a world leader in car wash machinery.

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Go Green And Save
Money With Every Car You Wash

Carwash Solutions are committed to respect and protect the environment we all share. As part of that commitment we offer a range of eco-friendly products and advice, helping you to create an environmentally sensitive car wash that leaves a lighter environmental footprint.

Cleaning Products designed to send less water into the drains with fewer chemicals

Carwash Solutions can supply you with an extensive range of Sonny's "Green Performance" and Simoniz "Green Scene" eco friendly car wash products. These products adhere to the USA's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and are guaranteed to be 62% biodegradable within a 28-day period.

Water Collection to use less water with each car you wash

Excess water is unavoidably discharged during the process of washing and rinsing your customers' cars. This water can actually be collected using Sonny's Saver Systems or Water Reclaim System, allowing water to be recycled for appropriate reuse.

Drying Systems to save on electricity

Carwash Solutions can offer your car wash several innovative drying systems that harness gravity and inertia as ways to reduce your electricity consumption.

Water Saving Nozzles that save water with every wash

We can install a variety of rinse nozzles that are designed for maximum cleaning with minimum water usage.

Reclaim Water Tablets that make your water bill lower and your operation greener

Simply add these tablets to your water reclaim tanks to introduce aerobic oxygen to your reclaimed water. The end result is reduced odours and a more efficient reclaiming process.

You can also purchase signage to place around your site, so your customers can see how seriously you take your environmental responsibilities. Contact us today to find how your car wash can help the environment (and save you money long term).