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Use The Best Car Wash Cleaning Products

Carwash Solutions offers you an enormous range of car wash products and consumables so that you can offer superior service to your customers. We proudly offer green alternatives for both car wash machinery and car wash chemicals.

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Speed, Quality And Convenience = Satisfied Customers

Also known as an Express Exterior Tunnel, these automated car washes provide you with the potential for a quick return on your investment as more cars can receive a high quality exterior wash in a shorter period of time.

The swifter speed of the car wash from the Express Exterior Tunnel equipment cuts customer waiting times (and frustration) and they will be delighted with their sparkling clean car.

You can also offer add on services including car wax, car polish, tyre brushes and complete the car wash service with vacuum bays that are either coin operated or complimentary.

A complete car wash service in less time than ever before

Your customers will love the convenience and speed of the tunnel / conveyorised car wash (and so will you!).

For a comprehensive car wash advice or equipment prices, contact Carwash Solutions today.

We can help you select the best car wash equipment solution for your site, and advise on timeframes, delivery and a strategy for installation. If you have an awkward site position or small land size, don’t worry. Conveyorised car washes can also be customised to suit your site.